Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Domestic Dispute...Over Chinoiserie?

I should preface this post by letting you know that generally, Steve and I have completely congruent (if not complimentary) taste...That being said, I do have a penchant for the "unique" every now and then, that he just doesn't understand.

Exhibit A:
My dream dishware. The pattern is called Chinoiserie by Jasper Conran for Wedgewood. I see it as playful, unique and intriguing.

Steve, on the other hand, sees it as hideous and outrageous. His preference was for a much more tame (read: boring) Vera Wang pattern for Wedgewood. You know, the one everyone has?

I do actually like the pattern he chose, but I am so ridiculously attached to the dishes I love that it's hard to see any other option. Here is my solution...If we register for the set that he likes, and the salad plates and soup bowls for my pattern, I think the combination would be beautiful together. The silver detailing on the Vera Wang plate is mirrored in the Chinoiserie pattern...Although he has put his foot down on the green dishes, he is relatively more open to the white ones. You know I'm just going to keep pushing the issue 'till I get my way.

I'll keep you posted.

As an aside, which ones do you like better?

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