Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well friends...I have made a HUGE decision this week, which has been the cause of my hiatus: I quit my full time job...This decision has been well thought out, and in fact I will be likely bringing in the same amount of money or more working at my part-time job...I'll also have the option of having a life, which is a lovely bonus. I'll be teaching more, but the best part is, I feel like I can FINALLY live the life I thought I had to wait six months for....It's all beginning this February, and I can hardly wait!

This picture just about sums up how I feel right now:



Traci said...

May I be nosy and ask what your full-time job and part-time jobs are? For some reason, I am thinking that you teach?? Am I way off? :) Congrats!! I think your decision sounds awesome!
~ Traci

Alanna said...

You may certainly be nosy:)
You are right, I am a teacher, but I was also working as an Education Director, which entailed a lot more administrative duties than I was happy with. Now substitute teaching will be my "full time" job...until I can find my own little French Immersion classroom, which hopefully should be around September!

Traci said...

I wish you lots of luck! I may be having some ch-ch-changes coming as well and will post on my blog when I know more! Have a great week!