Monday, April 5, 2010

Latest Wedding Idea...Coming to Fruition!

If there are any of my former readers left out there, you may remember me salivating over these place card holders by Paloma's Nest.

These beauties would be perfect on our day, however at $58 for 6, they were considerably out of our budget. I was disappointed for about 1.4 seconds, whereupon I realized **I could just make them myself!** Here's the plan:




I haven't got anything to show you yet, but thanks to my extraordinary cousin, I should have these babies in two weeks! I am currently in the process of drawing up the invites which will be printed and mailed next weekend.

Everything is coming together...I just have to breathe...

Also, as the wedding draws nearer I am trying to be more careful about what I am order to further motivate me to do so, I am going to be posting a link to my food journal everyday at the end of the day...Once I figure out how.


budd said...

I'm guessing you'll be painting them with mustard so that they are edible after being place cards?

Alanna said...

Ha! How did you guess?