Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Easy-Peasy Art Project...

This art project is perfect for pulling a room together. It's inexpensive, AND it's easy...double bonus!!

All you need to complete this project is:

-Two canvases in the size of your choice
-Three or four paint colours that coordinate with your space (try picking from a fabric or bedspread in the space for a super-easy palette...you can also "layer" colours for more depth by picking different shades in the same family) Buy $3 test pots for the best quality paints.
-A neutral background colour (cream or white)
-Painter's tape in various widths
-Paint brushes


1. Paint the canvas with two coats of your white or cream paint.
2. Randomly space your tape to create nice straight stripes in various sizes.
3. After you have taped out the stripes, apply a light coat of your background paint over top of your tape, paying special attention to the seams. This will prevent the paint from bleeding through.
4. Allow the paint to dry fully.
5. Paint stripes in a pattern of your choice.
6. Remove the tape before the paint dries to avoid peeling.

You don't have to be an artist to create simple, custom art pieces for your home...you just have to give this simple technique a try! Let me know if you do!
I'll show you how I used these pieces in my bedroom when I do the reveal later on this week.

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