Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Belated Earth Day!

I have certainly not been posting with the regularity that I had initially promised, and for that I am truly sorry. I am working as a supply teacher during the day, and "directing the education" at Oxford in the evenings....I get home at 9:00pm (and leave at 7:00am) and upon dealing with children all day (they are lovely though, don't get me wrong!) I just want to SLEEP!

As we know, yesterday was Earth Day. I chose to celebrate by taking a litterless lunch to work (as I always do anyway, really), and having a meat-free day. Earth day is certainly all about reusing, recycling and cleaning up the earth in general, but there is one "R" we North Americans seem to forget: REDUCE. To illustrate this point, I will direct you to almost any design magazine these days where you'll inevitably find some article about an "Eco-Mansion." That term, in my opinion, is an oxymoron. The whole concept of living ecologically means downsizing, reusing what you already have or buying used. As a result of my new-found anagnorisis, I will be henceforth partaking of a "buy nothing" day once weekly. When I see how this goes, I may even increase it to two days...or four!

Anyways, to finish up, here is a cuuuute video of my baby dog, Loki.

A demain!

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