Thursday, May 6, 2010

Invites: Sent!

Since I'm guessing most people have already received their wedding invites, I doubt my mother would be too averse to me writing about them now.

My wedding invitations were a huuuuge labour of love. It began a year ago, when we first got engaged. The cherry blossom chiyogami paper on the front is really the jumping-off point of the colour palette and the theme for our day. I literally hand cut, hand tied and hand-mounted every.single.invitation...I did have some help in the final hours, which is great because I think I would scrapped the entire endeavour without it.

If you read my blog you know: I LOVE to DIY, but I HIGHLY recommend leaving the job up to the professionals (unless you quit your job to plan your wedding:) In the end, they turned out beautifully and I wouldn't have been able to afford the same quality materials had someone done them for I guess it's all for the best.

This is the entire invitation "suite" as it were...

The invitations were printed on this embossed cherry blossom paper by Peninsula Press...They look a little wonky here, but this was before they were flattened out properly...

The reception card and the response cards, too! No wedding crashing, please! :)

The final product...

We've already received some responses, and it finally feels like we're really getting married...OOOOH! and the eggs are finally done! I have to show you how they turned out...someday soon!

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