Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm Back, and This is My Living Room

Hi all...

I am finally ready to resume my regular postings. I have been living in the city for almost two months, and I feel quite settled in now. Our space is still a work in progress, but our vintage-modern vision is coming along. When we first moved in we had a TON of cleaning to do (of course), as well as painting and...wallpaper...*shudder

It actually went relatively smoothly, and despite some interesting paint antics in the bathroom, everything came together quickly...That's what months of pre-planning will do for ya.

Without further ado...here is the "before" pic of my living room:

After a lot of consideration, here is how our living room looks today:

I know, right? I am an AWESOME photographer...and there are more photos to come.

The gray chairs are vintage, which we had reupholstered. The couch, which is not clearly visible, was made for us by our reupholsterer. My best advice when designing a new space is not to rule out custom furniture as an option. The couch we had made cost less than the Ikea version we wanted, and we got the dimensions and the fabric we wanted. My point is, you CAN afford custom, and it will last longer, and look more original than the mass-produced versions. Just shop around. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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