Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Another Tuesday Night...And My Kitchen!

I have finally decided to bite the bullet and clean up my kitchen for a "photo op." My kitchen is usually quite clean, but it has to be at another level altogether to be blog-worthy...see what I do for the two people who read my ramblings?
Anywho, I decided to make some healthy Bolognese Pasta...and take some pictures in the interim while it cooked. Overall, it was a lovely dinner, if a little rushed (the Leafs are playing tonight, which means everything has to be done by 7:00). I am also procrastinating, because it's about -100 degrees c outside and I have a fifteen minute walk ahead of me. That means I need two things; 1)a beer jacket, and 2)Alpaca socks, scarf, and yellow mittens. I am working on #1 and I have my mom to thank for #2.

Without further ado, here is my makeshift table:

S and I have decided not to get a dining table as of yet...although you KNOW we have at least one in mind. The dishware is vintage, found at a little shop by my house that was owned by the devil...I mean a nice lady...who screwed me out of my Christmas present by "accidentally" selling it to someone else. But I am not bitter...seriously. The shop closed down now. I call that "karma." I made the placemats. I posted about them earlier.

The little white bowls from Pier One have a spicy oil blend that we learned to make from our new favourite Italian restaurant, Grazie (sorry Cafe Amore...). It is a must for bread-dipping.

The view from the front hall. The art is by my very talented grandpa:

My Terrarium in its rightful resting spot:

The Kitchen Aid enamel cast-iron pot on my stove was on sale from $100 to $29 right before we moved. The only thing I regret about that purchase was not buying 10 more. Seriously, it is the only pot I ever want to use. The larger one was on sale earlier this month for a similarly ridiculous price, but now I have to pay rent. Blast this "adulthood."

My sassy microwave, knife rack, and wine rack...fully stocked...I love that one of my best girls is a viticulturist.

I really should go meet my peeps at McMurphy's...they probably think I was held up by terrorists or something.

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