Monday, December 29, 2008

Terrarium, Mon Coeur!

OK, so...I have finally arranged my terrarium (the vessel previously housed a candle...) You may recall this photo from my fave blog decor8 .

Well, thanks to my mom (and my long dead Aunt Santa) I have created something that I think is truly beautiful, and a little bit enchanted...

Here it is in action...although this is NOT its permanent home...that will be by the sink, but my kitchen looks like a bomb hit it right now...

The plant is a mystery...but I adore it. I think it is a cactus or succulent of some kind. I put some shells and river rocks in for visual interest, and some drainage gravel.

I know it's a bit untimely, but I thought that I would add a photo of my Christmas tree for good measure. Note the black scalloped tree skirt (oh wait, it's not visible)...I made it. I really ought to post tutorials someday, but I simply don't have the patients.

I hope you all got what you wanted this Christmas...I sure did...*hint*

Now...where to put it...

It is almost resolution time (two more days!) in addition to my usual resolution to lose 1olbs, I will be adding "redecorate bedroom." I will definitely keep you posted.

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