Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet Loki...The Boston Terrier

Allow me to introduce my new Boston Terrier, Loki!

We brought him home today, evilly ripping him from the loving arms of his breeder from Belleville. I was a little upset about him leaving his family, but I heard from good authority that it is not as traumatic as it may seem. The breeder, Cheryl, kindly sent him home with a family-scented blanket, which he promptly pooped on. I've had to wash it, so now that safety net is out the window! He doesn't seem too anxious right now, so hopefully he'll be alright through the night.

I have been busily stockpiling for the necessary supplies over the past few days, and frankly, I've spent a mint setting up home for this new addition. I got him an adorable argyle collar, leash, and blanket set from Bark and Fitz. I also got the necessities, such as a crate, bed, house training supplies, food, etc. I would really love to get him one of the elevated dog bowls from Trendy Pet:

but given that Loki cost about a million dollars we don't have it in the budget right now. Enter: another one of my favourite sites, Ikea Hacker which, as the name indicates, shows tons of cheap and chic new uses for plain ol' Ikea furniture. On the site, I found this tutorial to make this elevated dog feeder:

It has inspired me to try one of my own...for when the little boy gets bigger. There's time yet!

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