Saturday, January 3, 2009

Starting 2009 Off on the Right Foot

Well, tomorrow starts the first official week of 2009 (in my mind at least). We had a lovely NYE at our friend Moe's house in the west end...although I forgot my camera...I can prove we had a good time, though, with this picture:

On a completely unrelated note, the gorgeous couch that my S is passed out on in pain is the one we had made for us before we moved...Good thing those arms are so low...they make nice pillows.

I've decided that the first book I'll be reading in 2009 will be "The Ash Garden" by Dennis Bock...I've heard mixed reviews, but you know I'll post my thoughts when I'm done.

In fact, I think I'll get a little proactive and start tonight while enjoying some tea:

Tomorrow starts with a Bikram Yoga class at my new club...I'm also going to start boxing this week.I have so many projects and plans for 2009, I can't WAIT to get started! I'll keep you posted check back regularly!

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redMAN said...

haha o how i love that couch. such a sturdy comfortable and warm couch. stevens lucky to be hungover on that.