Wednesday, August 26, 2009

September Outfit

I love fall, so to honour it's impending arrival (not to mention my newfound mad inspiration board skillz), I have scoured my usual haunts to find the CUTEST summer-fall transition outfit. It's riddled with items I covet (I know, it's a sin...) and items I would totally buy, if only I could convince myself to put down the damn Pop Tarts and lose those last ten pounds. I have sourced each of the items below, just follow the links to purchase.

I call this look, September Casual

Susan Sweater $40 available through Dace one of my favourite Canadian designers.
Kex Over Jeans $119 by Acne
Olivia Bag in Prince Leather $238 available through Roots Canada
Trinitis Sequins Platform Pump $99 available through Steve Madden
Vintage Copper Leaf Bracelet
$16 available through Etsy seller Aprildawn
Butterfly Necklace $50 available through Etsy seller Pinkdawn
Copper Bee Ring $75 by Steampunk: Available through Etsy seller edmdesigns

So, there we have it. If you have any questions about any of the articles or vendors, just drop me an email or leave them in a comment here.

*Photo above stolen right off of the front page of Dace.

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