Monday, January 24, 2011

Ode to Spoonflower

Spoonflower is a website that allows members to create their own fabric from any image that can be scanned. Members create fabric from paintings, photographs and photoshop drawings. For my wedding I created fabric out of the paper that I used throughout. The fabric turned out quite lovely, but I didn't end up using it for the day.

Many Spoonflower fabrics are made by independent designers, graphic designers and other industry professionals, but I love the fact that anyone with an image to upload can crank out some custom fabric. Probably the best part about Spoonflower? You can purchase fabrics designed by other members...

Here are a few I've had my eye on:

How delicious would this Cake fabric be in a shabby-chic dining room as a runner, or place mats or even upholstery on some vintage reupholstered chairs...Nothing takes the "stuffy" out of your grandmother's antique dining set like a touch of whimsy!

You know I had to...this Queen Daisy the Boston Terrier fabric is soooo cute! I can imagine it in a little girl's bedroom or on a cute bag.

This Puppachutes and Flying Piggies would be lovely as an accent in a little boy's nursery.

I would love to see this Sterling Rose fabric on some accent chairs or pillows in a grey and butter yellow living room.

The Mustache Gallery is adorable...although I have yet to come up with a practical use for it...perhaps just frame it for a piece that brings a smile.

This Cherry Blossom fabric is a contender for the reupholstered chair to go into our bedroom.

All designs are available in a variety of fabrics (including linen blends and silk crepe de chine) at a variety of price points. Checkout the Spoonflower website for more information.

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