Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello Out There!

...she says as though anyone will be reading this blog...

Steve and I are busily stock-piling everything we will need in the new apartment...I am going nuts counting down the days. Obviously since there are 30-something, I need something to occupy my time. This is where sewing comes into play. I have made several small projects, and have several more on the go...just small household items...coasters, placemats, pillows...etc. I will post some photos at a later date, but I warn you I am a terrible in, I can't even tell a good picture from a bad one unless it is glaringly obvious....but I try.

I would like to share the loveliest of my purchases with Glamour Clock from EQ3.

Essentially this clock is the most beautiful specimen I have ever seen. It is also very labour-intensive to create...I know...I tried. I created a modified version of this clock. What a disaster. For the price...I should have just bought it. That being said, this clock is a STEAL! We saw (and loved) the same clock at an NYC boutiqe, Apt New York in Soho for $250! I loooove EQ3! My next purchase is the Cast floor lamp: Exhibit B
Tomorrow I pick paint to coordinate with the wallpaper! I shall keep posting!

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