Friday, October 24, 2008

If I had a spare $4000...

Allow me to present to you the work of my favourite Canadian photographer, David Burdeny. Although I do not profess to have any technical knowledge of his medium, I find his pictures completely exquisite.
I stumbled upon his work roughly two years ago while perusing an interior design magazine, and I have been following him closely ever since. I had visions of plastering the walls of my perfectly-appointed downtown loft in his photos...until I realized that I do not have $4000, or a perfectly-appointed downtown loft for that matter. I am waiting to purchase his book, and will do so as soon as more copies come available. It will soon be available here.

Here are some of my favourite images...

Now, of course, ever the DIY-er, I won't let a stupid obstacle like money get in the way of something that I want. Enter flickr the photo sharing site. Steve and I found quite a few less-gorge, but similarly styled photos, and we will be having these custom matted instead. Wanna see 'em? Come over!

One week to go!

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