Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Puerto Rico: Exploring San Juan

Remember how I went on a trip...in March...to Puerto Rico? We had so much fun on that trip, but we had so many pictures that putting them up was a totally overwhelming task...Well, I am going to post them now...in two parts. I will write as much as I can about the pics, but for the most part, they will be purely for your viewing pleasure.


We're on our way!


Our swanky digs for the week

Our private beach

The water is not as warm as it looks!

Lovely lizard critters...not in our room, thankfully!

Enjoying some MUCH needed soleil!

San Juan vista

The shopping is FAB...many vintage shops...my fave!

It really does take you back...to before you were born apparently!

Will break for lunch. This restaurant was really lovely. One of the best culinary experinces we had in San juan.

Ladies who lunch

San Juan architecture: Think Spanish meets tropical...

Pretty fountains: Always great photo ops!

Historic sight: Castillo San Cristobal

Enjoying the view...

because it was gorgeous: Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Mr. Perfect himself!

Wall drawings in the dungeon...presumably by captives.

The sun brings out the best in me, what can I say?

Somehow I don't think this was the intended use of the cannon balls...

The "grounds" of the fort

Wait a minute...I think someone's been doing some upgrades!

So that sums up our first two days in Puerto Rico. It's a lovely destination with amazing natural characteristics and cultural heritage. More to come, I promise...so stay tuned!

p.s. Goal update: Success on all fronts this week! Gotta keep it up for next week!

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