Sunday, May 17, 2009

Toronto Island: Central Park of the T-Dot?

The more I discover about my new city, the more I love it. Toronto offers me at LEAST a gem a day...Today's gem? Toronto Island. Yes, yes, I realize I am about one of seven Canadians that didn't visit centre island as a child. My first trip today however, necessitates many more in the near future.

I attended a picnic hosted by a friend of a friend...with whom I now have a "high five" pact...if he ever ventures north of Bloor to my hood, or I south to his (both rare occasions :) but I digress...It was a lovely albeit chilly occasion. As I explored the island, I realized what a totally amazing little slice of T. it really is. There's a BEACH with a pier, lots of bike paths, fountains and gardens everywhere...Simply put, I loved it. Of course, though, my camera died before I could take any pics, so I pilfered some from Google for y'all.

Here's the beach and the boardwalk:

The water:

A pretty bridge:

More real photos to come later on this summer, as I anticipate at least a million more picnics and beach days, right in my own backyard! There was some discussion as to whether Centre Island is the Central Park of Toronto...I agree, but it may even be a BIT better, because there's also a little west-coast flare mixed in.

I feel so lucky!

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