Monday, May 16, 2011

Bunting Love!

Admittedly this post is probably about two years late, but can I just say that I adore these little pennant buntings that seem to be popping up everywhere? As the weather warms up and S and I begin the process of shopping for our first *family* home together, I have visions of outdoor tea parties and backyard barbecues adorned with these little pretties...Not to mention nurseries, children's birthday parties, weddings...not that I'm getting ahead of myself. I'd never do a thing like that ;)

This bunting from Mon Petit Amour is just adorable on display in a little girl's room.

Buntings like this one from Joy's Hope are available all over my favourite place to shop: Etsy

This bunting from Design Sponge would be a cinch to make, and it looks perfect. What a great way to decorate a cake if you lack icing skills (as I do)!

Imagine adorning a lovely layer cake with a bunting like this one made of stamps available at d.Sharp. What a great way to reuse post marked stamps. I was basically obsessed with the process of soaking stamps off of envelopes as a child...find out how here.

This picture is one of an Alice in Wonderland-inspired series taken by Rileigh ofBlue Satin Sashes. Coincidently, it's one of my favourite blogs ;)

Find a tutorial for this bunting-adorned pendant at You Had Me at Bonjour. It's a cute way to incorporate a bunting in a different way. It's a neat idea for a "custom light fixture" on the cheap!

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