Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Stencils: Love 'Em!}

It's no secret that I love the hell out of wallpaper...but it's also no secret that wallpaper can cost a pretty penny (over $300/ roll at Farrow and Ball). As of late, I've seen designers doing amazing things with stencils, and I thought I'd share some of my favourites. Now, if the word "stencil" has you shuddering, with visions of Jemima Puddle Ducks and grape leaves flashing hideously in your mind, fear not! These new stencils will certainly impress.

One of the best sources for stencils has to be Royal Design Studio. I can hardly believe these are actually stencils...they look so perfect!

I am also loving the idea of using these unconventionally to inject a little more detail in unexpected places.

What an awesome way to give new life a vintage piece of furniture. This would work well on bathroom cupboards and armoires as well!

I love this Moroccan trellis pattern so much! What a perfect way to add richness and detail to the space. I think the effect would be equally effective below the chair rail in the right circumstances.

A stenciled design would freshen up any concrete floor. I think it would look right at home in a solarium, on a covered concrete patio or in a basement.

What about experimenting with a stencil design as a piece of art?

I absolutely ADORE the use of stencils here to add interest to the rise of these stairs. They look gorgeous!

As everyone knows the worst thing about wallpaper is trying to remove it after it's been up for years. The best part about these stencils? When you're sick of them, you just paint over them. Easy peasy!

On a side note, Steve and I are going to see a house in the West end tomorrow that we're VERY excited about. Wish us luck! I'll let you know how it goes!

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