Saturday, May 14, 2011

Les Macarons

I am, at present, obsessed with macarons. These slightly sweet, crunchy/chewy cookies are delicious but more importantly, they are simply beautiful. I think these cookies will one day eclipse the current cupcake hope.

Several bakeries in my area make delicious iterations (read more about that here), and last weekend S and I found some amazing flavours at La Bamboche bakery. I was especially excited to try the salted caramel, but alas it was sold out...I guess I'll simply have to go again :) We opted instead for the Creme de Cassis, Lavender and Amaretto So delicious!

I HAVE to learn how to make these. You know I've been researching like a mad woman, and I think next week sometime I will take my first stab at them.

This is the best video that I have found on the process (warning: it is in French...You can just watch what she's doing if you don't understand...she's just describing the process)

Ooooh! This makes me even more excited about my upcoming France trip...I anticipate LOTS of time spent at Ladurée!

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