Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wedding Wednesday- Flowers and Palette

I have finally picked my florist...After meeting and chatting with so many wonderful girls, I have decided to go with Wine Country Floral. We chose Shelly because she has lots of experience, she is clearly passionate about the flowers I have chosen, and she does gorgeous work. Seriously...go check out her website.

I think I've mentioned before that our palette for the day is pink and cream with brown and gold accents, but for the flower scheme we are also going to infuse a little bit of a soft green. My inspiration for the palette comes from this gorgeous Japanese paper from Paper Source:

This picture doesn't even begin to capture how truly stunning this paper really is. It's a thick, fabric-like material, and the pattern is actually silk-screened. The white background is pearlescent, and the entire design is outlined with gold (which doesn't come through at all on the picture.) Essentially, I purchased this paper based on the picture thinking it was lovely, then when I pulled it out of the box, I almost fell off my chair.

My original hope was to have cherry blossoms as my flowers throughout...That fell through when I was told that they are only in season in March and April. I didn't lose heart though, since I knew that my FAVOURITE of all flowers, the peony, was still barely in season, and my paper would still make sense based on the rest of the colours.

The best part about choosing peonies is that my mother (an avid gardener) has THE most gorgeous and abundant peonies in her backyard garden. I'll be able to incorporate some of her flowers into my bouquet, making it even more personal and special...

See? Perfect!

I originally wanted pink hydrangeas, which meant my florist would have to spray white ones, since pink is apparently not a natural colour for hydrangeas...I was not really into that idea, so when the "antique" hydrangea come to my attention, I was thrilled. This light green beauty has a hint of pink blushing on the tips of the petals.

We'll be using these in the centrepieces with cream peonies, and hypericum berries, which are these little beauties:

The corsages and boutonnieres will all be constructed with cymbidium orchids and green hypericum berries.

I am too excited to get a few mock ups done so I can post more specific pictures....I'll get to it!

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