Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wedding Wednesday...Updates!

So, as per the genius idea of my friend Suzy I have sent my Save the Dates with my Christmas cards. For all those I don't personally know (and there are a few of them coming to my wedding) I will be sending them out after Christmas. I'm not sure if I ever posted the finished product, but here they are...

I had them done by ADT in Niagara. They did an amazing job, and I would recommend them to anyone! I am going to be using their services for my wedding banner too...more on that later.

I have ordered my cake topper...I opted for the birds instead of the monogram. I am over monograms...they are totally overdone.

I am also considering an aisle runner with the "Oh Happy Day" saying on it and our bee...I'm looking at about $200 minimum for that though, so I may have to rethink that one...or I could just find a way to do it myself for less...

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Traci said...

I absolutely love your Save the Dates! I look forward to seeing how beautiful your wedding will be. Have a very Merry Christmas!