Monday, November 30, 2009

How to "Prettify" a Boring Christmas Wreath 101...

I finally got around to making my pink Christmas wreath, and while it's not quite what I had planned, I think it turned out quite well. I found this sparkly faux-boxwood wreath at Homesense for about $15. It wasn't quite what I had in mind, but I knew that with a little panache, I could make it work. I found the assorted pink Christmas balls for $1.99 for 12, also at Homesense...I already had the 24 gage wire from another project.

This is what you'll need.

I know the wreath looks supremely boring here...just try not to fall asleep. It gets better, I promise!

Cut a 4 inch piece of the wire using wire cutters (or scissors, if you're brave like me). Loop the wire through the eye on the ornament. Twist it a few times to secure, then place it where you want it on the wreath.

Secure the ornament to the wreath form by twisting the wire.

Continue on until you have placed all of the ornaments on the wreath.

Put it up on your door and watch through the peephole as all your neighbors walk by and admire :)

This same technique could easily be adapted to fit your colour scheme for the holiday season. You could also add pine cones, nuts still in their shells...think walnuts, pecans and basil nuts...not peanuts or pistachios...or other types of Christmas ornaments (birds could be cute). Be creative and have fun with it!

Now that my birthday has passed, I am really gearing up for Christmas. I am busily decorating our pint-size abode, and we are excitedly planing our 'Tis the Season Soriee. Lots more to come over the impending weeks!

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