Wednesday, November 4, 2009

J'aime Beaucoup les Détails

I have been realizing of late, that tying this whole wedding theme together is going to be more tricky than I originally thought...When I get excited about some thing I tend to over-do it, and that's what I feel is happening here. My original vision for a "simple, elegant evening" has since shifted to a "shabby-chic garden party."

In keeping with the new (and FINAL!) theme, I have corralled some really delicious wedding detail inspiration to try and keep me focused...I am definitely distracted by anything painted white and's a curse...

I LOVE the idea of incorporating moss into the escort card display. Neither of the following pictures are quite what I have in mind, but I'll certainly keep you posted when I have created my own chef d'oeuvre...though I'm not thinking it will be for a while yet.

I abhor the ribbon on this example, but you get the idea.

My mom found EXACTLY the birdcage I was looking for at Homesense. My vision is for this little beauty to house cards on the day...once again, sans ribbon.

I LOVE the idea of creating a monogram entryway at the ceremony à la the ribbon makes the cut.

Given that birds are a staple of shabby-chic decor, and the fact that we have a bit of an avian-theme running throughout the day, I thought these little birdies would be perfect nestled atop our cake. My original thought was monogram, but this is more unique.

Overall, I think the new theme is going come together...between the paper, and the birds, and the bees, and "Oh Happy Day," and the shabby-chic garden party and...Oh la la! What HAVE I gotten myself into?

Who am I kidding? I relish every second of this...<3

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