Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monogram Tutorial...

I love the idea of a custom monogram. These beauties can be used for a wedding, or for any general stationery purposes. I know it's bad luck to use a monogram before the wedding (hence my own clever idea, to be revealed later on in this post) so it's a no-no on the invites, but at the reception, it can be used judiciously. Here are some examples of monograms that I whipped up using Microsoft Word...I love to mix and match fonts, and try different styles. I know that I'm certainly not a graphic designer, but I think they turned out quite all right.

I created this monogram of sorts to go on our Save the Date magnet cards...

Incidentally, we chose this image as the background of the magnets...Hopefully I'll have more on our Save the Dates for you next Wednesday

I made this semi-traditional version for a more formal event. It would also be lovely as the cover of a thank-you card...

This, more tailored version would suit a more modern affair...

Now for the how-to:

Step one:
For each name, symbol or letter you want to have in your monogram, create a new text box. Vary the fonts and the font sizes for more visual interest.

Step two:
To format each text box select "no fill" and "no line." That will ensure that you will be able to layer your letters without having to deal with borders...

Step three: Arrange the text boxes in the formation that you like.

Step four: Admire.

Easy, right? If anything is unclear, comment and I'll clarify it for you....Just use your favourite fonts, and your creativity to create a monogram that represents you and your significant other.

Now for my oh-so-clever idea to incorporate our "initial" before the day. Since our last name will start with a "B," I thought, 'why not incorporate a "bee" in lieu of the actual letter?' I have always LOVED vintage honey bee stationery, so it was a perfect solution. I found a gorgeous vintage bee stamp on Etsy, bought a gold stamp pad and went to work. The effect is somehing like this:

I think the effect is absolutely stunning...and ultimately, when it comes to a wedding, that's all that matters.

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