Monday, October 12, 2009

Engagement Photos Soon to Come!

SB and I are currently counting down the days until our engagement pictures next Sunday, and in true "Alanna" form I have been researching like a madwoman. We all know that engagement photos are meant to capture the spirit of the couple in a casual, fun, and often times unique fashion, but our photographer also pointed out to us that they are important for a couple and their photographer to get to know one another. Although I am nervous, I am definitely glad that, come my wedding day, I will have already done the whole "professional photo shoot" thing, and will have significantly fewer jitters...There are just waaaay to many other things to think about.

I had so many questions about the engagement pictures:

- Should we dress so that we match?
- Should the venue be somewhere that is significant to our relationship?
- What time of day should the pictures be taken?
- Will we need any props?

Basically what I have learned is this: Do whatever feels natural to you and S and everything else will work itself out in the end...

I have culled several examples of the engagement photo eye-candy I've been scouring for the past few days...enjoy!

All photos courtesy of The Knot

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