Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vintage Tea Cups

I am certainly not much of a collector, as it calls to my mind horrific images of hoarding and general clutter (watch A&E's show Hoarders and you'll see what I mean)...however for vintage tea cups, I think I could make an exception. Not for my pied a terre, of course, but for my future summer house by the ocean.

I love to search these little babies on the internet and see what interesting and beautiful uses people have come up with. I have compiled a short list of my favourites.

I thought this was a particularly delish collection of teacups...

How about that? Bracelets made of recycled tea cups! <3

Of course the every popular teacup those ranunculus blossoms!

Some like to turn their teacups into lighting fixtures...

How perfect would this be in a shabby-chic dining room!?

They look so beautiful corralling jewelry and other notions.

Finally, of course...the mother of all uses for the vintage tea cup: The Vintage Tea Party!

These little gems can be purchased for a song on Ebay, or on Etsy...but I know the stock is full at almost every antique shop in supporting local vendors is probably a good idea.

Barring those option, I know Liv By Au Lit stocks these little pretties for just $8.00!

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