Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Handwriting Fonts for Peas...

Let's face it, most fonts are pretty boring. They just can't showcase your personality the way your handwriting can. When it comes to convenience and speed, typing certainly wins out, but it simply doesn't leave much room for creativity. Wouldn't it be nice if you could create a font using your OWN handwriting? I know, right? Crazy talk...Or is it? In my search for jazzy fonts to juice up my wedding stationery and my pretty little blog, I googled "handwriting fonts" and stumbled over Fonts for Peas. This delicious website takes YOUR own, special brand of handwriting and turns it into a font for all to download. But that's not the best part...the BEST part is, that if you have hideous chicken scratch writing, you are now officially saved! This website allows you to download some of the prettiest fonts I have yet to find!

Exhibit A: Pea Beverly

Exhibit B: Pea Lauren France

Exhibit C: Pea Devon

Not only can you find adorable fonts, you can also find an assortment of cute-as-pie doodles to adorn your "handwritten" masterpiece.

Exhibit D: Pea Delilah's Doodles

If you're so inclined, follow the instructions on their homepage to send in your handwriting to be turned into a font. If you're like me, just download all of the beautiful fonts you want with abandon, and use them to fuel your creative fire. Enjoy!

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