Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding Wednesday...and 10 Conversations

I have decided to relegate wedding talk to one day a week on my blog. This decision stems from a comment made by my future mother-in-law, who, upon reading my blog for the first time, asked me what I was going to think about after my wedding was over. I know that she's right. I have been putting the amorphous "wedding" before, well...everything else these days. I already have girlfriends warning me that I am setting myself up for the "post-wedding blues," which tends to crop up when brides have unrealistic expectations for their "big day."

The other trap I want to avoid is best illustrated by a Carrie Bradshaw quote...I realize I risk losing credibility here...but I really have to be sure I don't "let the wedding get bigger than Big." Essentially, and I think a lot of girls fall into this, I have to remember that the wedding is a means to a MUCH bigger lifelong marriage to Stephen. I truly think that couples would be better served spending the months leading up to their nuptials doing courses on communication, and really focusing on the "after the wedding" preparations...although admittedly, it's not NEARLY as fun.

To honour this newfound "wisdom," I have decided to do two things: the aforementioned ONCE weekly wedding post...although as it gets closer to the wedding I may HAVE to break this to keep myself from exploding with excitement.

I have also purchased this book:

which seeks to educate couples (young and old) how to effectively communicate, and avoid common pitfalls associated with communication. Steve and I have been making a genuine effort to follow all of the "ground rules" outlined in this book. We have already instituted a daily "Wine Time," and are seriously trying to eliminate "you language," as well as "absolutes" from our arguments. It has certainly changed the way we disagree, and I highly recommend this book for any couple, but especially for those who will be getting married soon.

Now, enough serious stuff! Next week I promise to post a more lighthearted post of beautiful wedding inspiration!

As an aside, I know I am kind of all over the map with this blog right now. As I continue building the content here, my goal is to create an inspirational lifestyle blueprint of sorts. I feel limited right now with my work schedule (I literally work 12 hours some days) so I will be living vicariously through the inspiration I find around me until my schedule slows down in June...At that point, I plan to actually start LIVING inspiringly, as opposed to just reporting how others do...until then, bear with me!

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