Friday, October 23, 2009

Shop Spotlight: Pistachio

I would like to introduce to you my absolute favourite shop in the universe: Pistachio. This eco-conscious apothecary cum gift shop has such an amazing selection of, well...everything! It's all ecologically friendly (a bonus), and it's all totally beautiful (double-bonus!)

It is the ultimate one-stop shopping experience for the environmentally-minded Torontonian...Need a gift for your girl friend's new baby? Done! Need a card to go along with it? Done! Ran out of face wash last night? Restock! Thirsty for some organic, unsweetened iced tea? Pick up a tin!

Steve and I always get mad props (yeah, I said it) from our friends for picking out the cutest of our friends even framed the card we gave her for her baby shower as a piece of art for her nursery. Pistachio is my not-so-secret source for the most beautiful paper products next to Paper Source in Chi-Town...but I'm mildly obsessed with paper, so you can't expect me to have only one source!

Here's a sample of just one of the many lines of stationery they carry. Monograms, <3!

We picked up this organic cotton bath hoodie and a pair of organic soy socks for a friend's new little bairn.

The bath and body products are all natural, organic, and are the household cleaning products.

You can also indulge the furbaby in your life at Pistachio, with organic dog treats, toys, accessories and beds...oh, and the shop is totally dog-friendly...Loki gets the red-carpet treatment whenever we go in there to restock his biodegradable poop-bags.

The best part of all of this (and the inspiration for writing this blog posting, in fact) is that all Chapters/Indigo irewards members now receive 15% off all purchases (except custom stationery and cards) at Pistachio! If you have yet to step foot in a Pistachio store near you, run, don't walk! But if you're not near a branch, Chapters/Indigo stores will be stocking select items from the shop in their monolithic book warehouses...The shopping experience will not be the same, (and ambiance is a big portion of Pistachio's appeal) but at least you can get a sense of what they have to offer. You can also have a boo at the Pistachio website, although it's not an online shop.

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